Hard Knocks should go after team with most recent arrests

The Cincinnati Bengals offer an intriguing roster of past and current convicted criminals to spark the interest of premium cable subscribers when HBO airs Hard Knocks on August 6th.  The Bengals are perennial leaders in arrests every year, with bad boys like Pacman Jones and Rey Maualuga on the current roster.  Though they are a sure bet to produce the highest amount of jailbirds each season, HBO has to be wishing that they could have used other teams that have recently acquired legal issues as of late.

The frontrunners obviously have to be the New England Patriots.  With the well-documented troubles of Aaron Hernandez, and the lesser known troubles of a scrub cornerback named Alfonzo Dennard, Hard Knocks would be must-see television in Patriots training camp this season.

Another equally intriguing option would have to be the Denver Broncos.  Since the start of 2013, the Broncos have had two players arrested, as well as two front office executives in the past several weeks.  With the unique combination of player and front office dwellers mixing it up with law enforcement, HBO would have no shortage of story lines to offer the eager reality show fan.

Broncos executive Tom Heckert

Other worthy candidates for the Hard Knocks criminal selection process include the Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, and New York Jets, who each boast three 2013 player arrests each.  These are less attractive options however, since the Bengals, Patriots, and Broncos are actually expected to compete this season.


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