Which NFL team suits Johnny Manziel the best?

Johnny Manziel has already pieced together an impressive football resume as a twenty year old sophomore quarterback. He won the Heisman Trophy as a redshirt freshman, and leads one of the most prolific offenses in the country at Texas A&M.

Johnny Football has also thrust himself into the spotlight with his sophomoric maturity and his persona as a hard partying frat kid off the field.

It is widely speculated that Manziel will declare for the NFL draft after the upcoming college football season. The question is, which team would suit him the best?

The Oakland Raiders immediately come to mind. The Raiders have a history of putting a premium on ultra-talented passers who left much to be desired between the ears. They have taken chances on guys like Terrelle Pryor, Todd Marinovich, and Jamarcus Russell, none of which panned out how they had hoped. Manziel seems to be smarter than Oakland’s past

Imagemistakes at quarterback, and could very well thrive in a “just win baby” environment.

The New York Jets could also be a suitable professional home for Manziel, as well. With the likes of Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, and Geno Smith acting as the center attractions for New York’s circus at quarterback, it would be silly to leave them out of the Johnny Football sweepstakes. He certainly seems to possess the moxie to thrive in New York’s cutthroat sports market.

No one questions Manziel’s ability on the field. It’s his actions off the field that have been cause for concern.

Is he simply a twenty year-old kid enjoying the spotlight and notoriety that comes from winning the Heisman, or are his maturity issues a cause for more serious concern? These are questions that will put NFL executives who are looking for the next quarterback prodigy in quite a conundrum soon.


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